Malin Pettersen

About Malin

Malin Pettersen is well known by Americana fans in Norway, through 11 years on the road with Americana band Lucky Lips and countless collaborations. The spring of 2018 she will be releasing her first solo album and it's safe to say - it's been a long journey. The writing of the songs for References Pt. 1 started 5 years ago, as she got pregnant with her first child. The work with getting the songs ready and a band together started the following year, and three years ago the recording prosess finally started. References Pt. 1 is difficult to cage up as it erupts as free spirited rock on one track, more folky on another, down to even pure country songs on some. This showcases the studio proscess and the way the producers and musicians worked together to create this vivid and genuine album.

Malin Pettersen is definitely one to watch - and most of all - one to hear!

- First track "Tag Team" was released April 20th -


Tag team



Linn Margrethe Skoie

0047 952 46 787


Feiltrykk PR // Andreas Milde

0047 938 70 001



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