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In 2018 Malin Pettersen released her first solo album, and since then her debut has won her a Spellemannpris (Norwegian Grammy), placed her on the bill of some of Norway’s largest festivals and brought her to Nashville for more recording. She just signed with the new label Die With Your Boots On Records, run by one of Norway’s biggest indie labels Jansen Records. She was recently coined «Norwegian Country sensation» by Paste Magazine when they premiered her new single «Pause» which was released June 7th.

Malin Pettersen is definitely one to watch - and most of all - one to hear!

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Live summer 2019:

Jun 21 - Over Oslo, Oslo // With Amund Maarud & Lucky Lips

Jun 22 - Bonseye, Hellesylt // With Amund Maarud

Jul 4 - Hallingmarken

Jul 6 - Skånevik Bluesfestival // With Amund Maarud & Lucky Lips

Jul 12 - Norsk Countrytreff på Breim

Jul 13 - Spornesfestivalen (duo)

Jul 16 - Bodøfestivalen

Jul 19 - Vinjerock

Jul 20 - Up On The Farm, Furnes

Jul 26 - Oddenfest, Hedmark // With Amund Maarud & Lucky Lips

July 27 - Fres Festival

Aug 10 - Telemarkfestivalen // With Amund Maarud & Lucky Lips